Top Ten Tuesday: Why Haven’t I Read More From This Author?


Top Ten Tuesday is a meme by The Broke And The Bookish, and will be a feature on Emma, the Bibliophile-Librarian. In Top Ten Tuesday I make lists of books, because I love books and I love lists. Here at the Bibliophile-Librarian, I cannot guarantee that it will always be posted on a Tuesday, but I will try.

This weeks the Bibliophile-Librarian will be looking at the top 10 authors I’ve only read one book from but NEED to read more.


1. Rick Riordan
I read the first book of Percy Jackson and the Olympians four years ago and enjoyed it, but didn’t picked up any more Rick Riordan books. I want to read The Heroes of Olympus and Kane Chronicles series, and I’m looking forward to The Sword of Summer, the first book in his new series, Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard. I am completely obsessed with the new re-designs for the Percy Jackson series, which I just received as a gift!

2. Frances Hodgson Burnett
The Secret Garden is one of my favourite books, yet I haven’t read any more of Hodgson Burnett’s books. On my radar is A Little Princess, Little Lord Fauntleroy, The Lost Prince, and The Shuttle.

3. Maureen Johnson
I read and enjoyed Maureen Johnson’s first Shades of London book, and despite owning the second book, I have not read anything else by her. I follow her on Twitter, and adore her hilarious tweets, so I am slightly at a loss as to why I haven’t read more of her work. I want to finish the Shades of London series (apparently a fourth book is in the works), and read her Scarlett and Little Blue Envelopes series.


4. Zoë Marriott
I think Zoë Marriott is a very under-rated author. Marriott’s books have been on my radar for years, and I finally started reading her with The Night Itself, the first in the Name of the Blade trilogy. I am interested in The Swan Kingdom, Shadows on the Moon, and her Ruan series.

5. Kate Elliott
I own Elliott’s Spiritwalker trilogy, but I have only read the first book. I am looking forward to Court of Fives and Black Wolves, both of which are out this year, but Elliott also has a huge backlog, including the Jaran, Crossroads, and Crown of Stars series’.

6. J.R.R. Tolkien
Shockingly, I’ve only read The Hobbit by Tolkien. Clearly up next will be the Lord of the Rings series, and The Silmarillion, but I think this will be after I finish Grad school, when I can take my time with them.


7. Kate Milford
I loved Milford’s middle grade novel, Greenglass House, which came out last winter, so I would like to read The Boneshaker, The Broken Lands, and the Arcana series. Her books have wonderful cover designs that match the whimsical nature of her stories.

8. Kazuo Ishiguro
When I read Never Let Me Go four years ago, it hit me hard emotionally. Ishiguro published a new book this year, The Buried Giant, and his other books, The Remains of Days and An Artist of the Floating World, look interesting.

9. Camilla Läckberg
I have read the first book of Läckberg’s Patrik Hedström crime series, and I’d like to continue with it.


10. Carrie Ryan
Before I knew what YA fiction was or got a feel for how to read it, I read The Forest of Hands and Teeth, the first in a trilogy. I didn’t like it at the time, because I thought the society was pretty miserable. Having now read my fair share of zombie and dystopia YA books, I would like to try this author again. Ryan released a new YA book earlier this year, Daughter of Deep Silence, which got mixed reviews, and book two of her middle grade series, The Map To Everywhere, is coming out in October.

One thought on “Top Ten Tuesday: Why Haven’t I Read More From This Author?

  1. I also loved Never Let Me Go, but like you I have never read any other Kazuo Ishiguro! I need to fix that with reading The Buried Giant sometimes this year. I am also convinced I need Zoe Mariott in my life, Asian protagonists makes me happy!


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