Top Ten Tuesday: Top ten books on my summer TBR

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme by The Broke And The Bookish. The books and series are on my summer reading list, but given that I am in school and I am taking a course the requires me to read a lot of books, I don’t anticipate getting very far on these until August.

1. The Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan: This series is so much fun, and great escapism from adult life. Plus, the summer camp setting gets me in the mood for the warmer weather of the summer months!


2. The Ancient Magus’ Bride Volumes 2-4 by Kore Yamazaki: This manga series is incredibly imaginative, and I love the two protagonists. I am excited to see what’s in store for Chise and Elias. Will she live? Will they marry? Will she become more powerful than him?

3. Card Captor Sakura Omnibus 2-4 by CLAMP: I started Card Captor Sakura last summer, but I have a habit of reading the first few books in a series and not finishing it. This series has great art, writing, and lovely themes of family and LGBTQ acceptance.

4. Orange: The Complete Collection 1 by Ichigo Takano: I loved the first volume of Orange, as did my husband, so he got the first omnibus containing volume 1-3. This manga is very emotional without being manipulative, which reminds me of my all-time favourite manga series, Sand Chronicles.

Minnie investigating the manga!

5. Linger by Maggie Stiefvater: Shiver reminded me of Twilight, but with better writing and character development. I am looking forward to continuing Grace and Sam’s story. Shiver had some annoying aspects, such as instant-obsessive-love and Grace’s conveniently useless parents, but it was still a nice read, especially if you want an easy story.

6/7. Omens series and City of the Lost by Kelley Armstrong: I own many Kelley Armstrong books that I would like to read, in particular because she is Canadian and writer-in-residence at one of my hometown libraries. I recently went to a writer talk and reading by her, which made me want to read more of her books.

8. Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel: I don’t know much about this book other than that it’s popular, but I am still very intrigued. I got a second-hand copy at a library book sale, and it comes highly recommended by a librarian I worked with.

9/10. Broken Harbor and The Secret Place by Tana French: I have been slowly giving The Dublin Murder Squad to my Dad for birthdays and Christmases, and I just read the third book after a reading gap of a couple of years. The sixth book, The Trespasser, is out in August, so I would like to catch up!


One thought on “Top Ten Tuesday: Top ten books on my summer TBR

  1. I really enjoyed “Station Eleven” and I hope you like it too! “The Likeness” by Tana French is on MY summer to-read list. I hope to be pretty caught up on the series by the end of the year. (I can dream, right?!)


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